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Attorney Colleen M. Sparks

Family Law Attorney
family law attorney

 Colleen M. Sparks Attorney


Do you have an attorney who understands the way you think and feel about your case?  It is extremely important to have a working relationship with your family law attorney, and the ability to navigate your case hand-in-hand, as part of team.

Attorney Colleen M. Sparks brings options to the law office for those cases and clients that are looking for or need someone who can fight for them, in a way that they have not yet discovered.  Similar to Mr. Baker, attorney Colleen Sparks understands that no one really “wins” in family law.  Ms. Sparks has a desire to help her clients find a solution to their issues, without adding additional problems.

Prior to working as an attorney, Ms. Sparks spent over a year working at the Riverside Superior Court as a clerk, learning to more fully understand the process ‘behind the scenes.’  Ms. Sparks attended Mt. San Jacinto College and Northern Arizona University; Ms. Sparks graduated from Southern California Law School before helping families find solutions regarding divorce, custody, and support issues.

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Ms. Sparks started working for the Law Office of Heath L. Baker in May 2015, where she focused her skills of law to the area of Family Law.  She continued with additional education in the area of Family Law and started representing clients in the Family Law courts in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles counties.  She lives in the city where she works and often attends local events and meetings.

While Ms. Sparks handles all of the common Family Law matters, such as divorce, custody modifications, support issues, and domestic violence, she also handles ancillary subjects that impact families just as much.  Over the last several years, Ms. Sparks has shown additional interests in the areas of paternity actions (father’s rights/obligations), contempt actions (defending quasi-criminal accusations), pet placement (request custody of the family animals), same-sex relationships (either before or after separation, everyone has rights), and domestic violence restraining orders (defending and requesting).

Attorney Colleen M. Sparks has been admitted to the California State Bar and the United States District Court, Central District of California.

Professional Associations & Membership:

Professional Associations & Membership:

California State Bar

California Lawyers Association 

US District Court, Central District of California

Riverside County Bar Association

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