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With years of legal experience, family law lawyers at Heath Baker Law are experts at handling all family law cases. Since family related issues can be sensitive and complicated, you need a lawyer who can handle them with compassion. Our proficient and highly skilled Palm Desert family law lawyers are committed to upholding the law and getting you the results you deserve in your situation.

Heath Baker understands that this is an extremely difficult and trying time for you and your family. Navigating divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and other family law matters can be an emotionally draining process, and the Law Office of Heath L. Baker is committed to making the situation as painless as possible.

If you are dealing with issues of divorce, spousal support, child custody, or other family matters, contact the Law Office of Heath L. Baker. Mr. Baker is committed to pursuing you and your family’s best interests, and he will fight aggressively on your behalf. Call (951) 222-2228 or fill out an online inquiry to schedule your free consultation.

Areas of Practice In Family Law

Family law consists of a variety of practice areas. Often, family law involves complex issues that impact your professional and personal well-being.

At Heath Baker Law Offices, you can expect to get straightforward and honest advice as well as an experienced legal representation for your family law case. Whether it is fighting for your rights in domestic abuse cases or getting custody support for your children, our reliable and committed lawyers will be there for you every step of the way.

Our Palm Desert family law attorney has extensive experience in all types of custody and visitation matters, including the following:


Going through a divorce can undoubtedly be one of the most challenging times in any person’s life. In addition to the emotions you are going through personally, handling the divorce process in itself can seem daunting and strenuous. This is where a family law attorney, with their years of experience in handling divorce cases, can help you. Your lawyer can make the process more manageable by helping you decide on division of incomes, debts, assets, and other matters going forward.

Certain marriages, particularly ones in their first few months, can qualify for an annulment. For an annulment, a judge can declare your marriage null and void.

No-fault divorce is appropriate for couples who want to split on amicable terms and divide assets. No-fault divorces are often achieved through mediation, which involves both parties sitting down with a family law attorney to divide assets and property in a low-pressure arena. An uncontested divorce is similar in that it allows a couple to amicably divide assets and determine child custody.

A contested divorce is necessary when reconciliation is no longer an option. An experienced Palm Desert divorce attorney like Heath Baker can fight for you and your children when tensions rise and divorce becomes complicated.

Spousal Support

Spousal support can be a complicated procedure when two people have been pooling income and assets over the course of a marriage. The court takes a wide variety of factors into consideration when determining spousal support. These factors include the length of the marriage, the earnings and/or earning capacity of each partner, the age and health of each partner, debts, property, child custody, and a number of other considerations.

When you have mutually determined that divorce is the only way forward for you and your spouse, financial matters will be a huge concern. That is why it is important to seek knowledge about spousal support matters so that you can plan your future confidently.

Whether you are paying money to your spouse or are receiving it, working with our family law lawyer can help to provide you with a spousal support solution which fits your exact needs. Planning financial matters in advance can help to slightly lessen your worries post divorce.

Child Custody

Child custody is best settled through a mediator when parents can come to an agreement. But if that is not possible, the court will become involved and award joint custody, physical and legal custody, or split custody. Different types of custody arrangements are appropriate for different family situations, and it is crucial to determine what is best for the child or children involved.

When separating couples have children, it is essential to identify how the children will spend time with their parents moving forward. Sometimes, it can be challenging to figure out these details as each parent might want custody of their child. Our family law attorney will consider the best interests of your children and ensure that they are able to live their best lives in the future. Here are some factors which they will consider while preparing your case:

  • Physical and mental health of both parents
  • Schools that the child shall go to
  • Any special needs of the child and who is the best caregiver to meet these needs
  • Evidence of parental alcohol, drug or sex/child abuse
  • Availability of a stable home environment
  • Support from and opportunity to interact with extended family members
  • Cultural and religious influences
  • Domestic violence patterns at home (when applicable)
  • Child’s participation in extracurricular activities

In child custody cases involving more than one child, siblings whose pre-existing custody arrangement is relevant for these proceedings will also be evaluated. If the child is old enough and able to express their wishes, our family law lawyers will consider their preferences to find the most feasible custody arrangement.

Child Support Modifications
Child support modifications often arise when one or both parents undergo a life change. If both parents come to an agreement about a change to a child support order, they can have the change approved by a judge. If parents cannot agree, a court hearing might be necessary to determine a new child support amount.
Visitation Rights
Visitation rights are based on child custody arrangements and require the creation of a visitation schedule. This visitation schedule should take the parents’ and children’s schedules into account, as well as the future (i.e. holidays, school vacations, birthdays, and unexpected days off from school).

Heath Baker is also well-versed in the visitation rights of grandparents, stepparents, and disabled parents.

Move Away Orders
Move away orders can be complicated, as not all states recognize a parent’s right to move out of state with a child. Parents are often required to give a certain amount of notice before moving, and the court will take several factors into consideration when considering the move. Reasons such as joining a new spouse or getting a better job are considered good-faith reasons for moving with the child and are generally allowed. Bad-faith reasons, such as moving to diminish contact between the child and the noncustodial parent, will usually lead the court to deny the move away request.
Grandparent Custody Rights
Grandparent custody rights are protected under California law. Grandparents can petition the court for partial custody, full custody, or visitation rights, as well as the legal right to make decisions like the child’s health care, religion, and education.
Legal Document Preparation
Legal document preparation can be a very complex and intimidating process. Consulting a qualified family law attorney is the best way to ensure your documents are prepared correctly the first time, and professional document preparation will help you avoid unnecessary delays in your case.
Domestic Violence And Abuse

Domestic violence causes hurt, confusion, and unthinkable pain to families. Even a single incident can bring about life-altering changes to a child, a spouse or any other family member. 

In California, abusive behavior, according to domestic violence laws, refers to:

  • Sexual assault
  • Intentionally or carelessly causing physical hurt to someone
  • Stalking, harassment, threats, destruction of property or any act which disturbs peace
  • Threats or promises to harm

Our lawyers at Heath Baker Law want you to remain safe from any type of physical, sexual, or emotional pain. If someone has threatened to or is causing harm to you, we can help you get the support that you need to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

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Riverside Family Law Attorney - The Law Offices of Heath BakerAttorney Heath L. Baker knows the ins and outs of the judicial system as only a former police officer and private investigator could.

Mr. Baker worked in the Riverside Police Department for years, so he has the unique ability to understand both sides of the courts, investigations, and judicial process. Mr. Baker understands the entire criminal prosecution process from the inside out, and he can use that experience to fight aggressively for you and your family.

After retiring from the police department, Mr. Baker worked as a licensed private investigator for both criminal and civil cases. For six years, he focused on family law and child support custody cases, conducting investigations and gathering information for other attorneys. Mr. Baker now uses those well-honed investigative skills to conduct investigations on behalf of his clients and their families.

As a Riverside native himself, Mr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to southern California and California family law. He attended California Baptist College and California Southern Law School, and he is a member of the California State Bar, Riverside County Bar Association, San Bernardino County Bar Association, and U.S. District Court in the Central District of California.

Attorney Heath L. Baker has the investigative experience and “home team advantage” that you want on your side. Mr. Baker focuses exclusively on family law, so you can rest assured your case is in the best possible hands. During an emotionally trying time, you can count on Heath Baker to look out for you and your family’s best interests.

For any and all matters of family law, contact the Law Office of Heath L. Baker. Call (951) 222-2228 or fill out an online inquiry to schedule your free consultation today.

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