Indio Divorce Lawyer

Indio divorce lawyer

Divorce can be one of the most challenging times of a person’s life. The legal problems can be very tricky to handle on your own, and the best way to navigate around them is to hire an Indio divorce attorney. It has some of the most complicated procedures, including contested terms, expensive assets, spousal maintenance, and child custody. 

Hiring a Indio family law attorney in the Riverside county where your case has been or will be filed should never be the deciding factor when hiring Indio divorce lawyers.

Divorce Procedure in Indio, California

The following are the steps followed in a divorce in California:

Petition for a Divorce

It is the first step in any divorce and includes serving legal documents to your spouse. However, your spouse may take drastic actions once the papers are served. So, the best way to deal with it is to make copies of valuable documents, secure evidence, take a careful inventory of all household items, and change all the account passwords.

Serving Papers

The papers for your divorce need to be served by a legal adult, not part of your case. It could be served by a close friend, relative, or local police.

Requesting For Temporary Orders

Spouses can request temporary orders while the divorce proceeds. It might include requests regarding spousal or child support, child custody, and use of property, among others. These requests, if granted, will stand unless any other order overwrites them.

Disclosure of Financial Assets

Without a proper assessment of all the assets and debts, the judge will be unable to divide them. Hence, your family law attorney will sort all your finances and ensure that everything is accounted for. Your attorney can even conduct a thorough investigation in case you feel that your spouse might be hiding something.

Evidence Discovery

This process is helpful in discovering case information from your spouse like medical records, payslips, bank statements, and other documents. Your attorney can request this information up to 60 days before the trial date.


The best way to settle a divorce is through negotiations because it allows both parties to control the essential aspects of the case. However, a settlement will not be reached unless both parties agree to all the issues pertaining to the case. They may include child or spousal support, attorney fees, and visitation.


During the trial, both parties can present their case, and the judge settles on their behalf. The judge will also rule on any divorce issues not negotiated during the settlement process.

Proceedings after Judgement

There are usually many things left to do even after the trial has ended. These may include changing names, closing joint accounts, and changing property plans, among other things.

Common Issues That Arise for Divorces in Indio, California

The following are a few of the issues that arise during divorce proceedings in Indio, California-

  1. Apart from terminating marriages, the California family court has the authority to file a litany of supportive orders that may arise in the dissolution of a marriage. 
  2. Spouses might even ask to cover attorney fees and spousal support, which might heavily impact the other spouse’s income. 
  3. If the spouses have children under their care, the California court will also order them regarding custody and child support. If, however, the spouses have a child post the completion of the divorce proceedings, they might file an action of paternity to determine the child-related responsibilities and rights.
  4. If either spouse engages in domestic violence during their marriage or the divorce proceedings, the other party might file a restraining order for domestic violence against the other.
  5. If a child custody order has already been issued in the divorce case and either party wishes to modify them, a modification request will be filed in the case. In such an instance, the court, until renounced, retains custody of the child.

Why Do You Need an Indio Divorce Attorney?

A divorce is usually more complicated than marriage. Your attorney can negotiate the divorce settlement with your spouse’s lawyer while you will be able to focus on other more critical factors. Having an attorney would mean you do not have to handle any complicated paperwork. Instead, you can focus on your work or spend quality time with your family or children. 

However, if your divorce does not involve any complicated procedures, you might not need to hire an Indio divorce attorney. In that case, simply drawing out an agreement and making a lawyer sign off on it will be enough for you. But, if you feel that your spouse might make it impossible to attain a fair divorce, you will need the assistance of a lawyer. If you hear that your spouse has hired an attorney, it is a sign that you need one too.

If you are unsure what to do, consult an attorney in Indio, California. They will be able to help you regarding which type of case you need to build. Be it determining if you qualify for alimony or child support and how to protect your high-value assets- your lawyer will help you through everything. Hiring an Indio divorce layer can help smoothen out your divorce procedure. 

How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer in Indio, California?

The following are some other factors that determine how you can find the best divorce attorneys in Indio, California.

  1. If the attorney you are looking at has significant experience and in-depth knowledge about the style of each judge.
  2. If the attorney has gained respect from the clerks of the courts and local judges of family law.
  3. If an attorney is well-versed in the procedures of the local courts and will be able to handle any trouble that might arise.
  4. Most importantly, the attorney must be thoroughly familiar with family law in California in addition to the rules of the local county.

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