Are 401ks Worth It?

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Are 401ks Worth It?

Retirement planning and estate planning can become a little overwhelming. With different options available, it can be difficult to decide on the right path for you. Whether you are an employer seeking to provide a competitive retirement strategy for your team or you are an employee looking to maximize your own retirement benefits, it pays to gain reliable, professional advice.

This is where the estate planning lawyers at Law Office of Heath L. Baker comes in. We understand the challenges of retirement and estate planning and can advise you on the best course of action in your situation. 

So, where do 401(k)s fit into your retirement plans? Read on to learn more as we explore retirement planning, estate planning, and 401(k)s — or reach out today to learn more.

Understanding Retirement Plans 

You work hard, you work well, and you deserve a comfortable, fulfilling, happy retirement at the end of it. This is where retirement plans can make a real difference, giving you the security you need as you age.

But you also need choice and flexibility. Your property, your assets, your money — this is all your own. You can choose what you do with it. If you want to spend all your savings and your investment money during your retirement, good for you! You’ve earned it. If you want to distribute those investments and funds among your loved ones, that’s your call as well. We are here to support you whatever you decide.  Just be mindful, the law is clear on the length of time you have to pay out some retirement plans.

Designating Your Beneficiaries 

Many people plan to use their retirement funds to support their spouse, children, or other family members after they are gone — perhaps providing funding for health, education, maintenance, or other aspects.

This is why we recommend reviewing your distribution and benefits plans with a family estate planning attorney. You may want to designate your spouse as beneficiary so that they can manage the distributions. This is a great way to support your spouse for years to come, even if you are no longer around.  This is a great plan for first marriages.

Protecting Your Assets and Your Estate

However, if someone is managing your estate after you are gone, they may be able to add new beneficiaries. This means the remaining balance might never reach your children. If you want your assets to reach beyond your spouse, you may need to add more layers of protection.  Depending on the plan you want to create, your retirement may have to be distributed fully within five (5) or ten (10) years at the most.

Retirement plans can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why you need expert assistance. Get in touch with Heath Baker today, and let’s develop the best retirement plan for you and your situation.

401(k)s — Is This the Best Retirement Plan for You?

You are probably already well aware of 401(k)s, and you may already be using one to provide peace of mind ahead of retirement. But are 401(k)s really worth it? Let’s take a look at a few things to bear in mind.

There Will Be Fees Involved

You will have to pay fees to maintain your 401(k) or if you plan to make certain withdrawals or access certain services.

For example, you may need to pay participant fees as well as supplemental charges based on asset classes. Hardship withdrawals and loans may also carry their own fees and charges.  Be certain that your 401(k) plan has the ability to pay out your money, the way your want, without costing you an unreasonable amount in fees.

Investment Options Might Be Limited

With a 401(k), you lose some of the flexibility you might have with other forms of investment. This is because your employer will select the investments you can benefit from. You won’t have any control over these investments.

Speaking to your employer may help you to broaden the investment landscape for your 401(k). However, you may want to consider another investment and saving option to supplement the 401(k).

High-Quality Records Are Required

To get the best out of your 401(k), you’ll need detailed records that provide strategic data for future moves. While record keeping is a legal requirement for all fund providers, there is no guarantee that these records will be sufficient.

Without comprehensive record keeping, it may be difficult to ensure that your 401(k) will provide the optimal benefit on retirement.

401ks May Be Better Suited to a Broader Strategy

A 401(k) is definitely something to consider as you develop your retirement plan, but there may be other aspects to bear in mind — for example, a more diverse strategy.

To optimize your 401(k) and to achieve the peace of mind you need to enjoy your retirement, this instrument might be best when used as part of a broader plan. Using a 401(k) alongside alternatives like traditional or Roth IRAs or investment accounts might be better suited to your situation. We can discuss this with you and help you decide on the best option.

Divorce Can Deplete Savings

It’s important to consider the relationship between 401(k)s and divorce. When a couple gets divorced and only one partner has a 401(k), this fund is typically split evenly between both individuals.

While funds are likely to be shared anyway, even if a couple stays together, divorce can still cause problems. It is more expensive to live as a single individual than as a couple, so your funds may need to stretch further even after they have been halved.

You May Have Other Nonprofit Retirement Plan Options

If you work for a nonprofit, there may be other retirement plan options open to you. Nonprofits can benefit from 403(b)s and NQDC (nonqualified deferred compensation) plans.

These retirement plans for nonprofits, including the non qualified retirement plan, may provide tax advantages over a 401(k). However, you may find that your investment options are reduced as a result. Again, we can consult with you to help you understand your options.

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