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Is Your Child Adjusting To Divorce?

During a divorce a parent’s first priority is usually to make sure that their child is processing everything in a healthy way. They do their best to inform their child or children of what is to be expected during the divorce process, and they remind their children...

As A Parent. Can You Waive Child Support?

As A Parent. Can You Waive Child Support?

Every divorce is different, and as such, it might make sense for you to want to waive your claim to child support. In certain cases, you might want to waive child support in exchange for the other parent waiving visitation rights or making another type of concession....

Parenting After Divorce Takes Discipline

Parenting is hard to do in any situation; however, parenting after divorce it can be even more difficult. Parenting can be hard when the children is being shuttled between two homes and having to constantly readjust. Children may also react differently to separation...

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