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Familiarize Yourself with Family Code

Familiarize Yourself with Family Code

Family law code is a body of statutes and case precedents that govern legal responsibilities between individuals in a family. Division eight through nine of California Family Code outlines all matters to do with child custody and child support. If you have a possible...

Twitter use Leads to Conflict in Relationships

According to a new study, social media platform Twitter can be bad news for your relationship. In an online survey of 581 Twitter users, researchers found that frequent Twitter use can lead to conflict in a couple’s relationship, which could possibly lead to...

Conservatorship Basics

Conservatorship Basics

In a conservatorship, a person is appointed by a judge to organize and take care of another person’s financial or personal needs. The person who is appointed to take care of a person’s affairs is called a conservator, and the person being taken care of is called the...

Paternity and Child Support

Did you know that determining paternity, or “who is the father?” plays a key role in legal issues such as child support? What’s more, determining paternity may be more complicated than it seems- there are actually a variety of parenthood circumstances that determine...

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