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5 Things You Need to Hear About Divorce

Going through a divorce is a strain on the whole family; not only are you and your spouse struggling to get through the process, but your children are too. The truth is, any negative emotions you may be dealing with are probably present in your kids, along with a healthy dose of confusion. If you really want your children to have a healthy view of your divorce, it’s best to know the hard facts, however unpleasant they may seem. This way, you have all the tools available to help your kids cope. Below are five hard facts you need to know about divorce. Your kids ARE going to struggle. A lot of people rely on old adages like “children are resilient,” or ones that rely of the divorcees “putting on a happy face” for their kids. While it’s true that processing your own emotions as healthily as possible will have a positive effect on your kids, your children are still bound to have a great deal of confusion about the divorce. Divorce might have seemed like the absolute right decision for you, but your children probably have a lot of questions and conflicting emotions. It’s important to address these questions and validate their emotions so your children can begin to understand why the divorce is a positive thing. One of you (or both) are going to show their ugly side. It’s inevitable, with the built up animosity and the added stress of the divorce process, that at least one of the spouses is going to show their not-so-favorable side. The spouse might feel angry, betrayed, lost, hurt, or any...