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What do preliminary financial disclosures means in a divorce?

The marital home is one of the most valuable pieces of property a couple owns, and therefore can garner a lot of conflict when it has to be divided during a divorce. One issue that could arise is that one spouse tries to or succeeds in selling the home during the divorce process. In California, assets in a marriage are considered to be community property. This means that any property acquired during a marriage has to be split evenly in case of a divorce, including the marital home. So, what happens if a spouse sells the community property home in the middle of a divorce? Once the Petition of Dissolution is filed, which begins the divorce, neither spouse can do anything with the community property, including selling it. This is because the Petition of Dissolution is filed along with a Summons, which includes orders called automatic temporary restraining orders, or ATROS. ATROS forbids both parties from disposing of or concealing any property. Therefore, selling the community property home is prohibited. The divorce process also includes documents called preliminary financial disclosures. These documents require both parties to fully disclose and be transparent about all assets and debts, including separate property. The documents include disclosure of separate property because there is often confusion about what is actually considered separate property. It is common for a party to wrongly assess what property is separate and communal, which spurs conflict. Preliminary financial disclosure prevents such conflict, and should classify the home as community property if it was acquired during the marriage. So, preliminary financial disclosures also declares that a spouse cannot sell the...