I have been asked several times recently about the difference between a divorce and an annulment. It might be because many people were raised to believe that “until death do us part” really meant just that; so the idea of an annulment is the easiest way to justify the divorce they need but can’t sell to the family.

An annulment is the legal process that renders a marriage “null and void” and is different than a divorce, (which recognizes the marriage and terminates it). The annulment says that the marriage was never good from the beginning.

Renee Zellwegger, who had her four-month marriage to Kenny Chesney annulled, claimed fraud; as did Britney Spears who was only married for about fifty-hours to her friend from high-school love interest. Although fraud is the popular, “catch-all” claim to an annulment, so is being a minor at the time of marriage (with conditions), being married at the time, or being mentally/physically incapable to enter into a marriage or marriage state.