Co Parenting & Raising Children All Together Separate

If you are in conflict with your child’s other parent, your child is in danger, and only you can protect them.  Focusing on your child’s needs not only benefits them, but helps do what is best for you.

Co-parenting harmoniously with your co-parent provides your child with a safe environment to grow up and create close relationships with both parents, but it is easier said than done.  Regardless of the initial feelings and challenges, treat your co-parent with the same amount of respect that you show the 7-11 clerk or the gas station attendant and you will find the bitterness and frustration fade away.

Child Visitation Exchanges

Child visitation exchanges are sometimes the most difficult with the ex; interaction with each other at drop-offs or speaking to each other to discuss issues often seems like Mission Impossible.  Handle your exchanges similar to a pizza delivery; meet, take delivery of your child, walk away.  When taking your pizza, you seldom ask about the origin of the toppings, who made them, where they were stored prior to use, how they were applied, or whether there are enough.  Likewise, don’t grill the other parent about your child at exchanges; take your child and go.  Leave discussions for other times – when your child is not standing there, too.

Recognize that the relationship you now have with your co-parent is a “new” relationship and completely different from the one you had prior.  This new relationship is all about taking care of your child, identifying the best interest of your child in the child custody and child visitation decisions, and recognizing that your child’s needs may not be what you want.  The first step to being a successful co-parent is putting your child’s needs and desires above your own.

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