There are many things to consider during divorce, and health insurance is one of them. Having adequate coverage is important, especially if you have children.

Divorce changes everything. But what doesn’t change is the fact that you and your spouse will continue to have concerns about not only your overall health, but also that of your children.

It is no surprise that divorce causes major issues with health insurance. Did you know that many couples stay together just because of health insurance benefits?

What do you do if divorce threatens to take away your health insurance? What if your spouse wants to drop you from his coverage? Are you facing such a situation? This can be even more stressful if that spouse is battling an illness or chronic condition and is uninsurable.

More often than not, the spouse will be a homemaker with no access to an employer plan or if they work part time, they usually don’t qualify for any benefits. Many workers have employer health insurance plans that cover their whole family. Once the divorce is finalized, the ex-spouse is not even legally allowed to be on a group plan as they are not related anymore.

However, since divorce is bad enough news; how about some good news? Your spouse cannot take you off the health insurance plan until the terms of your divorce are finalized – and even then, you might be able to convince the judge to let you stay on your spouse’s health insurance – especially if you have some sort of pre-existing condition.

If you have a pre-existing condition, are on COBRA, or are losing your benefits the day your divorce is settled, you have other options.

  • Check if you are eligible for your own health insurance
  • If you are on COBRA and assuming you get declined, if you are in financial trouble, there is a good chance that you can qualify for a free county health program
  • If your COBRA is ending and there are no other choices, you can get a conversion plan, which is very expensive, but is permanent

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