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When you make that very difficult decision to get a divorce, it becomes a very delicate and a lot of the time, emotional experience. Given the sensitivity of the process, you want to make sure that you have the best possible divorce lawyer working on your case. However, not every divorce lawyer will be best suitable to you and your specific needs, so there are certain things you should look out for in regards to divorce attorneys.

Communication between yourself and your divorce lawyer is imperative. That is how information gets relayed from one person to the next. Lawyers have an ethical duty to their client, so there is no way to getting around communication. If you notice that your lawyer is poor at returning phone calls, responding back to emails significantly much later than you sent them, that may be a early sign that you are need of a new divorce lawyer.

A divorce lawyer should always consult with you first when major decisions are about to take place. You need a lawyer to help keep you organized, but just because they are handling things for you, doesn’t mean they should be making decisions for you without discussing it with you first. If your divorce lawyer is guilty of this, this also may be a sign that you are in need of a new divorce lawyer.

When going through a divorce, as mentioned early on, you want the best. The best attorneys get things done without many errors. With that said, a lack of experience in a lawyer shows through to the clients. If you notice that your attorney is not on the ball, (missing filing things before the deadline, missing important documents, etc.) that also may be a sign that you could be in need of a new divorce lawyer.

Since hiring attorneys aren’t cheap by a far, and divorce cases require a lot of dedication, time and energy you should only want to stick with someone who has great communication, consults you before making major decisions towards your case, and has a good amount of experience.