How do I fill out my court paperwork?  A question, which is often asked but has an answer which is much more in depth than simply checking boxes and filing in blank spaces, should be further examined.  Whether you are requesting orders from the court, or responding to paperwork that was served on you, the information that you provide to the court and the other party, will forever be memorialized in the paperwork you file and needs to be thought out and reviewed before filing.

The laws of California, specifically those of family law, are very precise and have lasting results.  Information regarding the length of your marriage may determine whether you pay spousal support for a limited term of five years or for a potential life time.  The proper classification of property will determine whether or not you retain specific property, or divide it with your spouse.  And, entering into an agreement with your spouse regarding child custody or support, may prevent you from changing the arrangement without proving a significant change in your life – costing you time with your child and considerable financial hardship.

The court will expect you to complete several forms; they may include a Response, a Schedule of Assets and Debts, and an Income and Expense Declaration.  If you have any questions regarding these forms, the Law Office of Heath L. Baker will help you.  Please contact us at (951) 222-2228, or at our website:  We would love to talk to you in person and discuss the family law or divorce issues that are important to you.