Raising Children after Divorce

As an adult, I can look back to my childhood and the fond memories of growing up.  Memories of playing baseball in the front yard, the road trip to the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, and playing in the tree house in the back yard.

Raising children, post divorce, generates a need to create new memories for your children, as they grow up in a whole new world.  Your children have been through a whirlwind and creating new special memories will help.  Help create new memories for your children during your parenting time, and encourage your co-parent to do the same.

Short weekend getaways, or even day trips, can create lasting memories.  A trip to the beach or the zoo will stick in the minds of your children for years.  A special stop at a road side restaurant or a “local” favorite will trigger stories from your children in the future.

If you are limited on time and funds, make a memory in the kitchen and have the children help with a special dinner or let them make a dessert (on their own, if they are age appropriate).  The lifelong memory of making the dessert mess will certainly outweigh the extra ten minutes of cleaning.  Add in a movie night and sit patiently when your child picks a movie you have seen over and over.  Your child will cherish the memory and remember your time together.

You want your child to remember the fun times you have together, so it is important to create those moments for them – magic does not happen by chance.  Make new memories as your family moves into the next phase of your lives.  Recognize that your children want to enjoy their time with you, so make it fun.

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