When it comes to Family Law, parents often lose track of what is important (what is best for the children) and tend to focus on what is best for them (winning the case, custody time grabbing, alienating the other parent, etc.).

I recently heard a parent ask a judge for an order preventing the new step-mother from attending any of the children’s activities.  Without just cause for the request, the judge pointed out that the activities occur in public places and he had little authority to prevent the step-mom from attending.  He then said, “I don’t get on my soapbox much, but listen up…”

The Story Of The Judge

The judge went on to tell the story of another judge, who forty (40) years earlier was the child in a divorce case.  This second judge recalled life as a child and being forced to split Halloween night with both parents, being required to change costumes from one parent’s home to the other parent’s home, and having his childhood ruined because his parent’s were more concerned over their own agenda’s than his.

Forty (40) years later the judge reiterated his story to make a point: don’t ruin your children’s lives in the process of seeking your own award.  Carefully search for and select your child custody attorney, and ensure they have an interest in your child’s welfare as much as your interest.  You only have one chance to raise your children.

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