Are you thinking about tying the knot in the near future? Have you looked into the marriage license requirement yet?

A marriage license is a legal document that allows a couple to marry and must be obtained before the wedding, while the marriage certificate is an official document proving you are legally married and issued after the marriage has taken place.

With a little planning, it might only take you and your fiancé and hour or so to get your marriage license. If your county clerk recommends setting an appointment, do so. Make sure you take all needed documentation with you and be very careful that you are obtaining the license in a time frame allowing you to use it on your big day.

How To Obtain A Marriage License

To obtain the marriage license, the couple must appear together at a local government office, usually the County Clerk’s Office, approximately one month before the ceremony.

The license is valid for a set period of time; usually about two months so don’t wait too long. The cost for a marriage license in California varies from county to county – between $35 and $100.

After you have been married, your wedding officiant will sign and verify the marriage license and submit back to the county. The county will then take several weeks to issue your marriage certificate. A certified copy of the marriage certificate is $14.

Good luck to you and your special someone. Hopefully you will have no trouble with the marriage license requirements and you will live together happily ever after.

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